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We invite you to


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SEPTEMBER 15, 2018

Arrival Location: The Dock behind Smådalarö Gård Hotel @ 15:45 PM
You will be ferried to the wedding venue, so please be ready to hop aboard! 

Wedding Venue: Dalarö Skans, Sweden
The wedding will take place on an old military island in Stockholm's archipelago.

Dinner & dancing to follow
After the ceremony, there will be lots of revelry and plenty of Schnapps for all.

(While we love little ones, the wedding will be a child-free occasion.)

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The wedding location is relatively remote, and the celebrations will conclude late in the evening. So, we highly recommend that you book a room on Saturday night at the host hotel, where you will be picked up and dropped off by the ferry. 

We have reserved a large number of rooms under the name "Jason & Martina". Simply call the reception desk or email Mattias to get your room booked. 

We have a discounted fixed rate:
Double room 1590 SEK
Single room 1245 SEK

Hotell Smådalarö Gård
Smådalarövägen 100, 137 70 Dalarö

+46 8 501 551 00



If you're planning to come and visit Stockholm before or after the big night, here is our favorite neighborhood and hotel.

Hotel Rival
Mariatorget 3, 118 91 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 545 789 00

If you're planning to stay in an AirBnb, we usually recommend our friends to stay on Södermalm (near Mariatorget or Hornstull). This is the young part of town, where you find great food and cool-looking Swedes. 

If you're looking for a more historical and romantic feel, look for a place in Gamla Stan (Old Town).



It's easy to get around Stockholm using public transportation. There are buses, subways, trains and trams. And you can easily check how to get somewhere using google maps.

It takes up to an hour and a half to travel from Stockholm City to the wedding hotel. Your options are to take a taxi, rent a car or use public transportation.

Taxi: +46 8 15 00 00

Take a train to Haninge Centrum, and get bus 839 to Smådalarö.

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Boules, Beers & Bites

Join us for a cheeky beer and pizza at Boulebar in Stockholm. We would love to see you before the big day and have the chance to introduce you to our other fabulous guests!


Starts at 15:30 PM
Attire: Casual Dress

Boulebar, Liljeholmsvägen 14,
117 61 Stockholm


The Wedding

Take the morning to relax before the event. If you are staying in Stockholm the days prior, make your way out to Dalarö. We will be ferrying you from the dock behind the hotel so please arrive promptly at the time below.


Arrive at 15:45 PM
Attire: Dressy, warm & festive

Hotel Smådalarö Gård, 
Smådalarövägen100, 137 70 Dalarö



Before heading back to the real world, we would love if you would join us for a wedding breakfast at the hotel to ease your hangover with some Blood Marys and scrambled eggs.


Starts at 10 AM
Attire: Whatever you wake up in  

Hotel Smådalarö Gård, 
Smådalarövägen 100, 137 70 Dalarö

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For those of you that don’t know Stockholm well, we thought we'd share with you
some of our favorite spots.

Orange TRANAN.png


This place offers the best Swedish meatballs in town. We recommend you grab a cocktail downstairs before you head upstairs and get ready to dig in!

Karlbergsvägen 14,
113 27 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange ROSENDAL.png


Go for a stroll to this botanical plantation on Djurgården where they have a little café with tasty salads and sweet treats. It's a great break from city life.


Rosendalsterrassen 12,
115 21 Stockholm , Sweden

Orange GASTRO.png


This is one of our Michelin star restaurants. While it may be a bit expensive, they offer an exceptional tasting menu and wine pairing that is local and seasonal.

Artillerigatan 14,
114 51 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange SURFERS.png


Don't let the tiki decor fool you. This is the best place in town for modern Sichuan Chinese food. The Mao Dou soybeans are so good they'll make your lips numb! 

Regeringsgatan 88,
111 39 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange BABETTE.png


A great local spot for classic pizza. They also have small plates to nibble on and tasty wines that are perfect for crisp autumn evenings!


Roslagsgatan 6,
113 55 Stockholm , Sweden

Orange STROMMING.png


This truck (called "Strömmingsvagnen") serves cheap, delicious, Swedish treats. Try the fried herring, mash and lingonberry wrap.

111 27Stockholm, Sweden

Orange SUSHI.png


This is the place to go for amazing sushi. You’ll need to book a few weeks in advance because the place is tiny and recently acquired its first Michelin star. 

Upplandsgatan 45,
113 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange TENSTOPET.png


This is part of Stockholm’s restaurant history. Although a bit stuffy, it serves fantastic traditional Swedish food like fish roe and cured salmon.

Dalagatan 50,
113 24 Stockholm, Sweden

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Orange TJOGET.png


One of our favorite places to have a cocktail or a glass of wine. Cozy, relaxed and a good place to rub elbows with Swedish hipsters.

Hornsbruksgatan 24,
117 34 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange HAKTET.png


This place is great for cocktails and a known hangout for Swedish celebrities, like the Skarsgård brothers. Grab a drink and enjoy the people watching! 

Hornsgatan 82,
118 21 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange LE ROUGE.png


A cocktail bar with a great variety of classic drinks. This is the ultimate place to take shelter when the temperamental Swedish weather drives you inside.

Lilla Nygatan 5,
111 28 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange BRON.png


If the weather permits, this spot has an amazing outdoor area where Stockholmers gather to drink beer, play ping pong and look cool.  

Hammarby Slussväg 2,
118 60 Katarina-Sofia, Sweden

Orange BURGUNDY.png


This place is the perfect hideaway with only a few seats and amazing cocktails. It's easy to kill a few hours hanging out in this intimate spot.  

Gästrikegatan 1,
113 62 Stockholm, Sweden

Orange PHARMA.png


Jason’s new fave spot in the middle of Old Town Stockholm. This place used to be an old pharmacy but now hosts an epic experiential cocktail bar.

Stortorget 7,
111 29 Stockholm, Sweden

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September is a unpredictable month. We're hoping for gorgeous late summer weather with warm days around 68°F and cool nights around 45°F. Unfortunately, it could also be windy and stormy resulting in chillier temperatures. 

The wedding will be on an island where a light sea breeze can be expected. We're planning to have the ceremony outside, so be sure to come prepared with something to keep you warm.  


Sweden is an almost cash free society, so no need to carry much cash. Your debit or credit card will work everywhere. 


Nearly everyone in Sweden speaks impeccable english. So, no need to study the basic Swedish glossary before you head over. 


You typically only tip at a bar or a sit down restaurant, the average tip is around 10% if the service was good. In the taxi, a small tip is at your discretion. 


Stockholm has one major airport, Arlanda. It will take you about 20 minutes to get into town on the express train, Arlanda Express, or 50 minutes by bus.

A taxi from the airport into the city usually has a fixed price of about $60 and takes about 45 minutes to an 1 hour depending on traffic. 


To get around, you have many choices.  

Stockholm is a city where most people walk or use public transportation. You simply buy a card at any metro station and use it to hop aboard the local buses, trams, trains or metro. 

You find all the ways to get around and the timetables here:

While Uber does operate in Sweden, cars are not as plentiful as elsewhere because of harsh legislation against the company. But you can easily order a taxi. However, while they are convenient they are not that cheap.

Taxi Stockholm: +46 8 15 00 00

You can also rent cars, either from traditional retailers like Hertz & Sixt, or you can get the equivalent of a Zipcar using BMW's DriveNow.

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Your love and company at our wedding are, of course, the greatest gift of all. So many of you are traveling from all over the globe to join us on our special day, and that means everything to us!

Should you wish to honor us with a gift, we hope that our registry will make it more convenient for you to select something that you know we will love. 




Creativity has always played an important role in our collective lives together, and we hope to cultivate an art collection that stands the test of time. If you would like to help us kickstart that ambition, we would be very grateful for contributions of any size.



We love to cook for others, as it is when we share meals with the people we care about that life is the most vibrant. If you would like to help us host dinner parties in style, we have chosen a selection of items from Heath Ceramics' amazing collection.